Congratulations Winter & Evan!

Winter and Evan hosted their wedding in Eclipse, Ohio, a company town that was built in 1900. They exchanged vows during a late-afternoon outdoor service and then celebrated with a reception inside the newly restored comany town store. Winter and her parents are artists and together they put beautiful creative touches into every detail of the wedding.

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Happy Anniversary, Sophie & Dan


November 15th, Hilltop on Tamborine, Mt. Tamborine, Australia.

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Brisbane News Features Vicky & Wayne’s Wedding

The Brisbane News has featured Vicky and Wayne as their main story in the Wedding Section! The article can be found on page 14  of the November 4-10  2009 Issue 759.

Brisbane News Issue 759The article reads:

‘Sunset Surprise’

Though Vicky and Wayne, both 31, had known each other since school, it wasn’t until years later that they became a couple. “We met at  high school in 1990 but didn’t get together until we met again through a mutual friend three years after we’d finished school,” recalls Vicky. “We dated casually on and off for a few years in between travelling but we didn’t have a serious relationship until I finally asked Wayne to come live with me in Canada,” says Vicky, a nurse.  After living together for two years, Wayne, and electrician, proposed during a surprise holiday. “Wayne had organised a trip from Canada to Cuba without me knowing,” says Vicky.  “He just gave me a Lonely Planet guide book, two plane tickets and told me to pack,” she says. “He had even organised a week off from work for me. I didn’t think he could be that sneaky.”  Wayne proposed on a secluded beach in Cuba. “He waited until everybody else had left the beach and proposed as the sun was setting,” Vicky recalls. “The whole thing was a huge surprise- I had no idea what he was planning.” The Morningside couple held their ceremony in a park overlooking the beach at Currumbin and celebrated with friends and family at Currumbin Surf Club.

~Article by Sarah Duncan

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