Sneak Peek of Kelly & Konrad’s December Brisbane City Wedding

On a very rainy Saturday in December, Kelly & Konrad were married at St. Mary’s on the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, followed by a beautiful reception at Customs House. I look forward to sharing a full post on this wedding soon!

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Natalie & Andrew’s Engagement Story

I first met Natalie & Andrew last year in February at a bridal expo on the Gold Coast. It was my first experience exhibiting in a bridal fair and my stand was last in line as the 56th photography booth from the entrance. Positioned directly across from me were two very flirtacious,muscular, shirtless, and oiled up young men advertising their hen’s party services. Needless to say, competing for attention was more than challenging and as a first-time exhibitor it was very disconcerting. Then, thankfully, Natalie & Andrew stopped at my booth! It was so refreshing to chat with them and they presented me with a very unique idea. Natalie is from Singapore and that is where she and Andrew will be exchanging vows this year in February. In Singapore it is a wedding tradition to do an elaborate photo shoot together before the wedding. However, Natalie & Andrew wanted to put a slight twist on this tradition. Instead of just having themselves photographed in their wedding clothes they wanted to tell their story of courtship to engagement to their wedding. The end result being a beautiful coffee table book of their imagery to take with them as a part of the pre-wedding celebrations in Singapore.

The shoot this past November was a lot of fun. We had Carla McKeever, a very talented hair & makeup artist on set with us and we spent the day shooting on Mount Tamborine. We began the day in a location called The Castle, starting with the wedding dress scenes. I won’t be featuring any of the wedding imagery in this post, though, because Natalie’s dress is still a surprise for both families. I will share some, though, after I photograph their Australian wedding in March. For the courtship imagery, Natalie brought beautiful clothing changes and some really fun props. They wanted their imagery to reflect the depth of their relationship, illustrating the many facets of their romance and friendship. I had a wonderful time photographing Natalie & Andrew and I am so glad they stopped at my expo stand. I can’t wait to see photos from Singapore and I very much look forward to photographing them again in March!

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