Celebrating A Decade Down Under

Ten years ago, today, I arrived in Australia for the very first time. My intention then was to earn my Research Masters Degree of photography in two years, and then return to the United States. Life does not always go to plan, though! A decade later I still reside in Australia, having never returned to the U.S. for more than yearly visits home.

I did earn that MVA degree. I also earned permanent residency status in Australia with a little creativity and a lot of perseverance.  I have been on quite a journey the last ten years, and I have loved living and working here in Brisbane. Before moving here, I had already been a professional photographer in the U.S. for several years. Back then I was still shooting on film, and though I did shoot some weddings, I primarily photographed high school senior portraits.  (I worked out of a studio I crafted in my parent’s basement!)

Senior Portraits are not a tradition in Australia, so upon my arrival in Brisbane I quickly began shooting product catalogs for various companies selling items like swimwear, hats and bags, accessories and bridal wear. I would also shoot weddings and I eventually decided to focus my business primarily on wedding photography. I have been fortunate in that wedding photography has taken me all over the world. I have had the pleasure of photographing weddings in places like Japan, America, and Europe. I have had many wonderful experiences and I have greatly enjoyed the relationships I’ve built with my couples and their families.

I did not know anyone in Australia when I moved here but today I have a wonderful client base, an amazing network of industry peers, and I have made many friends for life. To celebrate my decade in Australia, I have put together a small sample of my commissioned imagery from 2003-2013. I hope you enjoy viewing it!

PS. Thank you to my family for supporting my decision to stay in Australia! I miss you everyday and I’m so thankful that photography enables me to visit home so frequently. See you in March when I’m home next for the WPPI conference!




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