My friends are like family

I have just returned to Brisbane after spending two wonderful months in West Virginia with my family and friends. While visiting, several of my lifelong friends commissioned family portrait sessions. The imagery featured below is of my good friend Jesse’s family. Jesse and I have known each other since our school days and we have shared so many great experiences together.  We grew up together and we have continued to grow as friends even though we now live so far apart.  I am so glad that Jesse, Adam, Elizabeth, and Jack, traveled the 3 hours from Ohio for this portrait session. This session really gave me the opportunity to see Jesse in more ways than as just my close friend. I got to see her interacting as a wife and mother.  I got to truly witness the love in her family. That, to me, is something special beyond words. This was one experience I will be forever grateful to have shared with my friend.


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Have you booked your family’s Portrait session for this new year?

I love the excited feeling I get with the start of each new year. I particularly love making my list of New Year’s Resolutions! I’m actually a bit of a nerd and I physically write out a list each year that then gets filed away with every list from previous years. Before I make my new resolutions, I like to review the list from the previous year, tick off my accomplishments, and then review and reconsider those I did not achieve. It’s a fun way to celebrate my achievements and also a tool for self-reflection. This year, I actually read a few of my lists from over a decade ago and it was very amusing to revisit the goals that mattered to me in my 20′s versus the goals most important to me now!

What are your goals? Have you considered making it a priority in 2014 to book a family portrait session? Family portraits become TREASURES and yet most of us never get around to booking them because unlike weddings, new babies, and high school seniors, there’s no particular time in which it HAS to be scheduled. So, it gets put off until “later”. However, we can’t stop the clock and children grow up so quickly.  Memories are the most valuable thing we own! A professionally photographed family portrait can be a storytelling, memory evoking treasure that will forever encapsulate these wonderful times in your family history.

Nicky & Trent, featured below, had their portrait session with their two little girls at The Spit on the Gold Coast. A massive storm was rolling in as we started, but this family wasn’t afraid of a little rain! In fact, they embraced the weather. As you will see in the very last image, right as we were wrapping up the session, the rain began to pour from the sky and we all had to make a run for it, getting absolutely drenched! It was quite comical and now they all have a funny story to when they share their portraits with friends and family.

For more information regarding Foster Photography Portrait Collections or to book your 2014 session, please contact me, Robin, at

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Celebrating A Decade Down Under

Ten years ago, today, I arrived in Australia for the very first time. My intention then was to earn my Research Masters Degree of photography in two years, and then return to the United States. Life does not always go to plan, though! A decade later I still reside in Australia, having never returned to the U.S. for more than yearly visits home.

I did earn that MVA degree. I also earned permanent residency status in Australia with a little creativity and a lot of perseverance.  I have been on quite a journey the last ten years, and I have loved living and working here in Brisbane. Before moving here, I had already been a professional photographer in the U.S. for several years. Back then I was still shooting on film, and though I did shoot some weddings, I primarily photographed high school senior portraits.  (I worked out of a studio I crafted in my parent’s basement!)

Senior Portraits are not a tradition in Australia, so upon my arrival in Brisbane I quickly began shooting product catalogs for various companies selling items like swimwear, hats and bags, accessories and bridal wear. I would also shoot weddings and I eventually decided to focus my business primarily on wedding photography. I have been fortunate in that wedding photography has taken me all over the world. I have had the pleasure of photographing weddings in places like Japan, America, and Europe. I have had many wonderful experiences and I have greatly enjoyed the relationships I’ve built with my couples and their families.

I did not know anyone in Australia when I moved here but today I have a wonderful client base, an amazing network of industry peers, and I have made many friends for life. To celebrate my decade in Australia, I have put together a small sample of my commissioned imagery from 2003-2013. I hope you enjoy viewing it!

PS. Thank you to my family for supporting my decision to stay in Australia! I miss you everyday and I’m so thankful that photography enables me to visit home so frequently. See you in March when I’m home next for the WPPI conference!




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Greg & Belinda’s Brisbane City Wedding

Despite my best intentions, I rarely have the spare time to blog my weddings. I still have so many weddings from 2011 that I want to share with you before I begin posting 2012 weddings, so I will start today by posting Greg & Belinda’s wedding from last year. Greg & Belinda were married in the Albert St. Uniting Church in Brisbane City. It’s a beautiful old red brick church surrounded by skyscrapers. Belinda and her bridesmaids prepared in the historical setting of the Conrad Treasury Hotel and their reception was held at Victoria Point Golf Club’s Garden Marquee. The day was a wonderful celebration for two very deserving people. Greg is from Texas where he and Belinda first met. After a long distance relationship involving many Skype dates, Greg packed up and moved to Australia to be with Belinda. He proposed to her on Fraser Island as they watched the sunrise over the ocean. Many of Greg’s family & friends traveled to Brisbane to attend the wedding. However, Greg & Belinda also held a second ceremony in Texas the following week for those unable to make the journey. Greg & Belinda’s wedding is also currently featured in a two-page spread of the 2012 edition of Discerning Bride magazine if you would like to read more about their beautiful love story.

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Sneak Peek of Julia & Kalem’s Vintage Wedding

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