Ashley & Tim’s Non-Traditional Bridal Portraits

Traditionally most couples have their bridal portraits taken the actual day of their wedding. However, Ashley and Tim were rained on almost immediately following their wedding ceremony and they were left completely soaked. We did take fun portraits of them in the rain on the day, but I also wanted to give them the opportunity to have a portrait session with dry clothes and better weather conditions. So, the morning after their wedding we went to the top of the mountain and quickly fit in a photo session before their honeymoon flight. The session was a lot of fun and I think the results are a great reflection of their relationship.

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Congratulations Ashley & Tim!

Ashley and Tim’s wedding is proof that even after 12 years photographing weddings, I have not yet seen it all! Their day began in beautiful Canaan Valley, with the groomsmen playing a relaxing round of golf and the bridemaids enjoying breakfast on the mountaintop in their unique round house.  The ceremony took place on top of Canaan Valley Mountain and everyone arrived via a ski lift to watch Ashley and Tim exchange their wedding vows. They said “I DO”, and as they were being congratulated by family and friends, the skies opened up and it began to rain! Trapped on the mountaintop, we tried to keep Ashley and Tim dry under a sheet, but the storm did not pass through quickly and eventually everyone was soaked. Ashely did not let this dampen her spirits, though. Instead she and Tim laughed and enjoyed themselves as they made a dash in the rain to dryer shelter. It was hilarious because guests were hiding in the trees, ski patrol huts and even the latrines! When the storm ended, the sun came out and then everyone was treated to another surprise….the bridal party rode down a portion of the mountain on a tube slide! I’ve never seen anything like it before and it was a great way to cap off the rather interesting turn of events for the day. The reception to follow was held in the Canaan Valley Ski Lodge, and with apple cobbler instead of cake and a dance floor that included breakdancing, square dancing, and a group of at least 30 guests belting out the lyrics to “Country Roads”, I continued to realize that I have, in fact, not yet seen it all…and I LOVED IT!

The rain drenched Ashely and Tim before we had the chance to do a proper portrait photo session, so the morning after the wedding we had a quick photo session on top of the mountain before they left for the airport to start their honeymoon. Expect a post of these portraits to follow.

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