Happy 1st Birthday, Chloe!

One of the things I love about my job is the relationships I build with my clients.  A few months ago I received a phone call from Julie and I recognised her voice before she even said her name! I had the privilege of photographing Julie & Mitchell’s wedding in 2007 and I was so excited to hear from her again.  Chloe is the new edition to their family and she is now one year old. She is such a happy easy-going baby and was so easy to photograph. Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Julie & Mitchell were married in 2007 in the St. Mary’s Church on the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Their service was beautiful and after drinks on the lawn and then a ferry ride with the Story Bridge as a backdrop, everyone made their way to the reception at Restaurant II in the city. (I highly recommend both venues.)

Julie & Mitchell 2007

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Queensland Brides Winter 2010 Edition

I never really tire of looking at beautiful imagery in magazines. As a child I would tear out the images I really loved and I would make collages with them on scrap mattboards from my mother’s frameshop.  Now, as an adult, I find myself still often tearing out the imagery that inspires or moves me. I haven’t made a collage in a long time, but you can find my little tear sheets all over the place; in the pockets of my clothing, in the mess of my purse, pinned on my refridgerator, in the floor of my car, and sometimes they even actually manage to get properly filed away in my ‘Folder of Inspirations’. Earlier this year, though, I got the most pleasant surprise of discovering that brides actually tear my imagery out of magazines as their inspiration! I wish I could find words to describe just how I felt when a bride brought out her Inspriations Folder and on the cover was a collage that included many of my images. It felt a little surreal. It was the best compliment ever!

Below is a selection of pages from the current Queenland Brides Winter 2010 Edition which feature Foster Photography imagery. Tim’s boutonniere was featured in the article on winter floral arrangements. Wayne and the boys were featured in the article dedicated to groomsmen. Winter & Evan’s little flower girl’s feet made the first page of the photographer’s feature on bridal parties and Vicky & Wayne’s ‘trash the dress” session made the feature article as well.

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“Catch the Bouquet & Be the Next to Marry” rings true!

Everyone has heard the old tale that if you catch the bouquet you’ll be the next to marry. Well, last year at Jun & Yuki’s wedding in Tokyo, Japan, Rachel of England lined up with all the other single ladies for the bouquet toss.  As the bouquet flew through the air, Rachel’s competitive nature kicked it. She may have ripped the sleeve of her dress in the process, but she caught that bouquet! Now she and her Australian partner, Jarad, are engaged to be married, in England, on June 18th, 2011! Congratulations Jarad & Rachel!!!

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A Tokyo Wedding to Remember!

Last year I had the amazing opportunity and privilege to photograph Jun & Yuki’s wedding in Tokyo, Japan. Jun and Yuki are a beautiful couple, loved by many, with their guests travelling to Japan from far too many countries to list.  They are an active couple, both playing ice hockey and surfing.  Jun, the groom, speaks about 3 or 4 languages, fluently, and at the reception he translated each of the speeches in Japanese, English and French (I think. It might have been Dutch rather than French, though.). Yuki, the bride, spent a few years working in New York City, so she was able to communicate with me in English well enough that I’m fairly certain we were understanding each other!

Jun and Yuki opted for a westernized style wedding and exchanged their vows in a beautiful catholic church. The restrictions for photographers are very strict during Japanese Catholic Services, if you are not the church’s official photographer. A member of the church was assigned to “police” me so that I could not take photographs during the service. Jun told me to pretend like I couldn’t understand and just try to get as many shots as I could. I pretty much took the majority of my service shots from my lap, without looking through the view finder. I had to pretend as if I weren’t taking photos. I did manage to escape my “police officer” for a few minutes, to run to the front and take some shots. There is also the tradition in Japan that it is unlucky for anyone but the bride and groom to step into the center isle of the church. All guests must stay to the side isles. Yuki looked beautiful in a gorgeous formal gown by Provnovios. She wore this for most of the day, and then changed into a second Pronovios evening gown for their 2nd reception.

That’s right, they had two receptions! The first reception took place immediately following the ceremony and was a three course lunch for family and very close friends. The second reception began later in the evening and was more of a big cocktail party for everyone. It included live jazz music, a special reunion performance by Jun’s friend’s band, speeches and slideshows, and loads of hilarious games. Jun & Yuki love surprises so to keep their guests on their toes with surprises throughout the day, including surprise speeches for randomly chosen guests, the groom shaving his head before entering the second party, and a special annoucement at the end of the night. This was certainly a wedding that I will never forget! The experience was like none I’ve had before and the people I met were amazing and full of laughter. Not to mention, so kind and helpful, even when we could only communicate with hand gestures and smiles. Thank you so much, Jun & Yuki, for letting me share in your day. I can’t wait to return to Japan again one day to see you again and meet your new son!

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