Have you booked your family’s Portrait session for this new year?

I love the excited feeling I get with the start of each new year. I particularly love making my list of New Year’s Resolutions! I’m actually a bit of a nerd and I physically write out a list each year that then gets filed away with every list from previous years. Before I make my new resolutions, I like to review the list from the previous year, tick off my accomplishments, and then review and reconsider those I did not achieve. It’s a fun way to celebrate my achievements and also a tool for self-reflection. This year, I actually read a few of my lists from over a decade ago and it was very amusing to revisit the goals that mattered to me in my 20′s versus the goals most important to me now!

What are your goals? Have you considered making it a priority in 2014 to book a family portrait session? Family portraits become TREASURES and yet most of us never get around to booking them because unlike weddings, new babies, and high school seniors, there’s no particular time in which it HAS to be scheduled. So, it gets put off until “later”. However, we can’t stop the clock and children grow up so quickly.  Memories are the most valuable thing we own! A professionally photographed family portrait can be a storytelling, memory evoking treasure that will forever encapsulate these wonderful times in your family history.

Nicky & Trent, featured below, had their portrait session with their two little girls at The Spit on the Gold Coast. A massive storm was rolling in as we started, but this family wasn’t afraid of a little rain! In fact, they embraced the weather. As you will see in the very last image, right as we were wrapping up the session, the rain began to pour from the sky and we all had to make a run for it, getting absolutely drenched! It was quite comical and now they all have a funny story to when they share their portraits with friends and family.

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